A Learning and Teaching Resource for Addition/Subtraction

I have constructed this addition mat, a tennis court, using cardboard. I have used corrugated green cardboard for the tennis court, white cardboard for the lines of the court and the net, black cardboard for the area where the total is displayed,and used a hot glue gun to put it all together. Tennis balls are used as objects to be counted. The mat has dimensions of 50cm X 70cm.

There are three small areas on one side of the court where tennis balls can be grouped, and there is one large black area on the other side of the net where a total can be created.

As a passionate tennis player, I have chosen this theme firstly as a way for me to positively connect with mathematics. Secondly a tennis court is a structure that may be at the school where I will be teaching, therefore children at that school can identify with it. Thirdly the use of tennis balls as objects to be counted are of a size that can easily be worked with for early primary level  children.

As can be seen from the pictures provided, using tennis balls as the objects they can be placed in any of the three sections of one side of the net on the court. One at a time these objects can be counted into the black section on the other side of the court to demonstrate the concept of addition. By the same token the tennis balls can be counted out to demonstrate the concept of subtraction.


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