HP Convertible Laptop

I was over on Joanne’s blog¬†and saw that she was posting about a piece of technology she recently purchased and thought what a great idea!. I have just purchased a great piece of technology to assist me in my studies. I went in to Harvey Norman the other week because I was literally struggling without a laptop on my professional experience. I went in looking for a Microsoft Surface because that’s what my mentor had but I left with a Hewlett-Packard convertible laptop (doubles as a tablet as well) that is pretty much the same as a Microsoft Surface but way more powerful! Since I purchased it I haven’t been the same. Except for a small hole in my savings.


ICT’s for Differentiation

I was lucky enough to be in a year 5 classroom where there was one particular example of differentiation that needed to take place with an unverified case of oppositional defiance disorder that needed to be addressed in lesson content. This was a particular challenge for me as I was the new, unfamiliar prac teacher to this particular student. In order to try and get on this student’s good side I was told the they were really interested in fishing, and set about seeing what I could find that used fishing as a topic in addressing the content. In the revisit lesson to graphs and the follow up lessons I managed to find a couple of online games that were using fishing as the interactive part. These can be found here and here.